Thursday, October 23, 2014

Clarins Ladylike 2014 Autumn Make-Up Collection ♥

10/23/2014 09:52:00 AM TINAYUMS

Clarins Ladylike 2014 Autumn Make-Up Collection

At long last, no shimmer, no sparkles... Essentials this season is all about natural and matte!

In tones of nude, beige and auburn, the looks ends up with velvety matte finish by using the "cream powder" Ombre matte eyeshadows paired with Rouge Eclat lipstick that comes with new shades that harmonize with your complexion. Using Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base if you opt for a long lasting eye makeup.

Rouge Eclat with New Lip Shades
(not in order in photos) 
16 candy rose
17 pink magnolia
18 strawberry sorbet
19 chestnut brown
20 red fuchsia

Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base

Ombre Matte Eyeshadows
01 nude beige
02 nude pink
03 taupe
04 rosewood
05 sparkle grey
06 earth

Perfect Eyes and Brows Palette

Photos by yours truly
Assistant Emme B.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Chic Me: My Microsoft Lumia 730/735 Day-out ♥

10/22/2014 04:00:00 PM TINAYUMS
Microsoft Lumia 730 / 735 was officially launched yesterday and being a huge name, made an awesome one full day activities for us to experience the ultimate Selfie phenomenon...

Geared with our very own Microsoft Lumia 735 mobile phone and Selfie stick, we roamed around the skirts of Bastakiya and jumped our heart-out at Bounce Middle East then finished the night off witnessing sundown at 40 Kong, H Hotel. Sounds a long day but it was truly unforgettable and I am just fortunate to be around this wonderful people who just love technology at its best!

Let me share a few snapshots to sum up yesterday.. A full review of Microsoft Lumia 730 / 735 will be out soon... But let me take a Selfie first!

My first ever #LumiaSelfie using Voice Selfie App

Errr, my Facebook just got blocked!... first time in using Windows Phone 8.1 so I'm finding my way out and I needed my Ralph Lauren eyeglasses.. =P

Bastakiya at 3pm, sweating!... but taking selfie with a stick is kinda addictive... now I am one of them.. =( =( =( =P

Jumping at Bounce was a lot of fun.. I hope I lost calories while taking unlimited #LumiaSelfie using Microsoft Blink... CLICK HERE!

Contemplating at 40 Kong, H Hotel..
Did I really make the right choice picking neon green? The neon orange looks cool too! =P

Photos below by Marky


Illamasqua Facets Holiday 2014 ♥

10/22/2014 09:30:00 AM TINAYUMS
The Facets Holiday 2014

Illamasqua embraces the perfect differences and variation found in beauty. The Facets Holiday 2014 takes you on a creative journey throughout the season with alternate sides to the same story. 

“Facets portrays many sides, like you. We are not one thing, never one mood , we are forever changing. The word facet stems from early 17th century French 'facette' used to describe the many faces and sides encapsulated by the breadth of looks and feeling you can achieve from a palette of possibilities.”

- Alex Box, Creative Director for Illamasqua

Supplied Photos


Illamasqua with Alex Box Performance @ Cuadro Gallery ♥

10/22/2014 09:00:00 AM TINAYUMS
This was truly one amazing night as VIP guests,a lot of beauty enthusiasts such as me and professional makeup artists gathered to witness the beauty genius and Creative Director of Illamasqua, Alex Box, as she performed live demo creating an iconic look that we can all rock this Holidays features FACETS collection. Truly brilliant!

Thank you Ahlan for capturing this images and I can't seemed to wait for other pictures and I am re-sharing your snaps!

And of course, huge thanks to Illamasqua and Al Tayer for hosting such an unforgettable night!

Photos above grabbed from Ahlan Live


Monday, October 20, 2014

INGLOT’s Artistic Evening at Dubai Mall ♥

10/20/2014 09:00:00 AM TINAYUMS
How can I not miss the evening when i'ts all about beauty and makeup? I have tested and proven the brand's quality and been a huge follower since I started collecting makeup.

On Thursday afternoon, October 16, Inglot held an artistic evening with 4 models in an avart garde theme and full customes showcasing the brands wide selection of products from cosmetics and tools perfect for professional makeup artists.

And so this happened during the event, I just came to the store and within a minute, my raffle number was called-in to participate on the Makeup War Competition. Why not? (Although I just walked-in, I have no idea what's going on!) =P

Eyes, Lips and Nails were the groups and I belonged to Team Eyes and 1 team member.

The face chart was our goal to achieve in an estimated time.

We were assigned a makeup artist who helped us picked the products via Freedom System Palette and a model as our canvass.

After more than 20 minutes, the 3 groups were gathered while guests / customers were requested to vote for the 3 looks we created.

I was not satisfied with my over-all result, as it's time constraining. To my surprise, our model got the most votes. I also didn't take a good look of the other models but whatever happened, I'm surely one happy gal!

Thank you so much for the wonderful night and to my new Inglot Freedom System Palette as my prize! Can't wait to use it! 

This is what I got from winning the Makeup War Competition...

Freedom System Palette is a perfect tool wherein you can customize your makeup selection ranging from eye shadows, blushes, pressed powders, lipsticks to concealers, brow products and lip gloss.

I prefer Inglot's palette as it's strong and sturdy, unlike some that are metal that can be a problem at later stage,  and the transparent cover is just super! The pans are also magnetized so you are worry-free especially when you are on the go! The prize range starts from AED 55 onwards and below are samples I've got from winning the Makeup War...

Freedom System Palette

Photos by Mahyska and Me


Friday, October 17, 2014

Nando's Relaunch @ Greens ♥

10/17/2014 08:09:00 PM TINAYUMS
After a renovation vacation, Nando's Green restaurant is now back and once again, indulge in delicious chicken the Portuguese way.

My girlfriends and I enjoyed a relaxed dinner with Espetada, Cataplana and Peri 1/2 chicken on our main courses.

The all together Platter is also highly recommended served with 2 choices of hommous (hot and creamy), olives and Arabic bread. The chicken wings is also to die for! Yummm!

After the dinner, we went outside to have some coffee while we munched with sweet desserts of chocolate and biscuit cakes.

Thank you so much for this perfect evening and making it extra special!
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