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I am so happy that GAP celebrated Holidays and my fellow bloggers with me...

Esprit UAE and I

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Check out my journey with one of the most coveted laptop!

My Esprit Story with 4 amazing ladies

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4 Fashion Bloggers Web Series with Koton

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stylehunt by Tinayums with Iconic

Here are 10 best dressed VIP's and guests before Ezra Couture Show on Day 1 at Fashion Forward.

Stay tuned on Sunday, April 20, to find out who will be taking the Dhs 750/- Gift Voucher courtesy of Iconic! Yay!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Chic Me: Iconic Fashion Different with Fashion Forward ♥

And so this happened...

Day 1 at Fashion Forward I wore this zebra bomber jacket and white pleated skirt channeling my love for monochrome! 

Although I was wishing to get blue, orange or yellow when I was picking my outfit at Iconic since they have tons of gorgeous pieces perfect for summer. I had 3 final selections for the outfit between printed dress with blue and white flower prints and a bit formal bronze color sleeveless dress that I paired with white blazer. But opted for these 2 pieces as it looks more fun and comfortable.

 photo IconicFFW35_zps10dd67cd.jpg  photo IconicFFW31_zps7fb81441.jpg

To add some splash of color, I have seen a lot of pastel clutch that can be my choice but I was glad that I saw this cockroach print mini bag and I knew I had to take it! I took chained necklace in the same color of the bag and the pink ring is an added contrast together with my pink lippy. It's lame I didn't able to do some nail color as I was really out of time.. I swear I had my nude nail polish on this small bag!

 photo IconicFFW32_zps62af9c20.jpg

And of course, once again, there were plenty of shoes that I can get. There are orange pink pointed shoes that I liked with 2-3 inches heels and pumps in nude color, but I couldn't take my eyes off this baby!.. There were so many arguments going on my head (you can imagine!) but for the sake of being in fashion different, I convinced myself to get it and wear it..

And yes, I was sitting most of the time with it! Lol! Good thing the entire venue is covered with carpet!

 photo IconicFFW33_zpsa724cd0d.jpg  photo IconicFFW34_zpsce0a59fe.jpg

Photos by Froy R.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sneek Peak - Amato Haut Couture by Furne One at Fashion Forward Season 3 ♥

 photo AMATO_FFWD_2013-27_zps65d60da1.jpg

Excited on what's to come out next from Amato Haute Couture? 

See the latest reveal from the fashion designer himself, Furne One as he talks about his show tonight at Fashion Forward Season 3!

Best viewed in HD.

Video by Zvevenz

Thursday, April 10, 2014

What's in My Bag ♥

 photo WhatsInMyBag-4_zps47ab9eda.jpg

Banana Republic Monochrome Clutch Spring Collection
Rimmel Velvet Lipstick in Red
Guerlain mini bottle
Benefit Hello Flawless
Lancaster Eyes and Lips Protection

Photo by yours truly

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Chic Me: My Visit to Marks & Spencer Dubai Mall ♥

 photo MLAG1557_zps73d730e7.jpg
Floral or Fuschia pink?

Yep! This is literally my face when I visited Marks & Spencer... seriously they have wide selections of clothes, bags and shoes! 

I am looking at the latest collection from Autograph, which is one of the brands from Marks & Spencer and my most favorite part of the store. The contemporary streamlined patterns fit more on my personal style. It's a perfect choice for me when I want to look modern yet maintain that classic finesse. 

 photo MLAG1531_zpseda63f21.jpg

This is me officially saying goodbye Spring and how I love that leather jacket! (below photo)

 photo MLAG1535_zps9144f3da.jpg

And so for me to keep up with my basics, I had to have this printed navy blazer that can go perfect on any outfit even on jeans on your go-to look or office skirt...

 photo MLAG1648_zps1713b46b.jpg  photo MLAG1654_zps85755a10.jpg

So what's your favorite at Marks & Spencer?

Photos by Mahryska

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

EL-J Spring Summer 2014 Collection ♥

Spring and Summer is on the corner !

EL-J once again ready to dress you up in warm colors , beautiful sets of turbans and dresses.

 This collection is all about being elegant , with some spices of bright colors of leather. Who said you can't wear leather in Spring or Summer?? You Can!!

 Get inspired and in the mood for having summer sun above you and by our bright and warm colors.

Follow EL-J on Facebook HERE

 photo Lookbook_1-7_zpsab98de92.jpg
 photo Lookbook_1-10_zpsb7ed613d.jpg  photo Lookbook_2-18_zpsb2f528cf.jpg  photo Lookbook_2-13_zpsd09cf755.jpg  photo Lookbook_4-3_zpsb6e7f9eb.jpg  photo Lookbook_4-8_zps7076db2b.jpg  photo Lookbook_3-10_zpsfb849bb4.jpg  photo Lookbook_5-16_zpsbdac29a8.jpg  photo Lookbook_8-2_zpsdc542fd7.jpg  photo Lookbook_9-13_zps31c99280.jpg  photo Lookbook_10-9_zps5eb2bb24.jpg  photo Lookbook_12-9-copy_zps7c092c5b.jpg  photo Lookbook_11-17_zpsb17c199d.jpg

Photographer : Tinayums Photography
Co-Photographers : Zyvervenz and Josh B.
Models : Elizabeth & Rashana
Make-up Artist : Makeup by Zee
Stylist : EL-J Designer


Sunday, April 6, 2014

My MakeUp Session with Illamasqua - Full Version ♥

Very recently, you have seen me posted about my Illamasqua's visit with the gorge Rachael Jayne Donnely, the brand's regional makeup artist in the Middle East while she introduced the latest products from Glamore collection. In case you haven't seen it yet, please click HERE.

Now, if you are a fan of Illamasqua, you already know that they offer different makeup classes catering to individual needs from bridal, diva glamour, perfecting eye design and others. You can directly ask from the branches about the packages in an hour basis.

Here is what I have at the moment for the offers:

Bridal & Beyond, 3 hours one-on-one course
Dhs 750 (per person)

Perfecting Eye Design, 2 hours one-on-one course
Dhs 500 (per person)

Diva Glamour Course, 2 hours one-on-one course + complimentary pair of lashes
Dhs 600 (per person)

Time for Two Class, 2 hours course for 2 people
Dhs 600 (for 2 persons)

Now, to check how it goes, yours truly experienced the course and I have recorded my entire makeup lesson with Rachael.

You also have to forgive me that the video focused entirely on my face (and the angle is not that good too) while Rachael discussed techniques, tips, how to's as I only have the small tripod with me during the session. But you will learn a lot from this video. We aimed for a day look during the lesson.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

NOTE: The video is in full version of the makeup course that will run for 27 minutes.

Below are the list of products she used on me:
  • matte primer with highlighting brush
  • skin base foundation in 10.5 (and 12 as an option) with a highlighter brush
  • pressed powder in 010 - transluscent powder
  • bronzing duo in glint / burnish
  • sophie blusher
  • eyeshadow - emerge cream pigment with blending brush 1
  • pure pigment - ORE with blending brush 2
  • raven mascara
  • eyebrow cake (relaunch with Glamore Collection)
  • Luster lipstick (Glamore Collection)
  • powder foundation 135 which she used as powder concealer

Here is the list of products that I am totally amazed after testing it and definitely will buy:
  • matte primer with highlighting brush
  • skin base foundation in 10.5 (and 12 as an option) with a highlighter brush
  • pressed powder in 010 - transluscent powder
  • eyeshadow - emerge cream pigment with blending brush 1
  • pure pigment - ORE with blending brush 2
  • eyebrow cake (relaunch with Glamore Collection)
  • Luster lipstick (Glamore Collection)
  • powder foundation 135 
 photo Illamasqua_GlamoreS2014-10_zps29c7be61.jpg
Moi, Rachael and Saima

Products Used
 photo Illamasqua_GlamoreS2014-4_zps478bf3ba.jpg  photo Illamasqua_GlamoreS2014-5_zps6b9ed8d8.jpg  photo Illamasqua_GlamoreS2014-2_zps359e7fe6.jpg

Thank you so much Illamasqua Team!

Photos and video property of Tinayums.com

Thursday, April 3, 2014

What's In My Bag ♥

 photo WhatsInMyBag-3_zpsc126cf65.jpg

Banana Republic Neon Clutch Spring Collection
Benefit Lollitint Cheeks and Lip
Sephora White Eyeshadow
Revlon Lip Gloss in Orange
Bebe Snake Necklace

Photo by yours truly

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Illamasqua’s Glamore Collection ♥

You have seen me with the gorgeous brightest orange lipstick on my previous posts, and I am loving it! It's called Soaked and one of the latest collection from Illamasqua's Glamore...

See how I wore it on below links:

 photo Illamasqua_GlamoreS2014-2_zps359e7fe6.jpg

This is from the campaign images for the collection..

 photo Girl-Group-Hats_zps6efa5dcf.jpg 
Luster - Rachael and I called it Barbie Pink

This is what I used from my Illamasqua Make-over which I have to share with you on a video below with the brand's regional make-up artist, Rachael Jayne Donnely. (below photo)

 photo Illamasqua_GlamoreS2014-9_zps830395c6.jpg

Watch the video below...

Best viewed in HD

 photo Nail_Varnish_Product_small_zps13cdc8d2.jpg
NEW! Shattered Star Nails

Gleam up with Trilliant, Marquise and Fire Rose nails. Three shattered shades of champagne, orange and pink for one new multi-dimensional glitter finish.

Eye Brow Cake
Illamasqua also relaunched the eye brow cake for brows that frames your face so make sure to check it out too!

Lipsticks 99AED
Nail varnishes 90AED
Eyebrow cake 93AED

Illamasqua store at Mirdif City Centre
Illamasqua store at The Dubai Mall

Supplied photos
Video by yours truly

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Benetton Styling Session ♥

 photo _DSC1981_BenettonStyling_zpsc4333e7c.jpg

I was at the Benetton Store in Dubai Mall assisting shoppers for some tips what's best to get this summer or simply additional pieces on their existing wardrobes. Plus they get 30% off on the new collection! 

 photo _DSC2084_BenettonStyling_zps08b01559.jpg
There, I met the winner from my latest Benetton Blog Competition, Beth Luana

And dressed up adorable 1-year old Daphne! She chose the top herself!

 photo _DSC2047_BenettonStyling_zps82b6a03a.jpg

And I love the green skirt on her too!

 photo _DSC2018_BenettonStyling_zps58c67c13.jpg  photo _DSC2075_BenettonStyling_zps5e7786cc.jpg

Photos property of Tinayums.com